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Financial Roundtable - September 12th

  • 12-Sep-2018
  • 10:00 AM
  • Comfort Inn, 699 Rodi Road, Penn Hills, PA 15235


Registration is closed


James Lange

Lange Financial Group LLC

will present

New Tax Laws Create Unintended Benefits for Westinghouse SURE Members Who Act Quickly

Today, thanks to President Trump’s new tax cuts, the federal income tax rates are the lowest they’ve been since the advent of income tax in America.  Many, if not most, experts agree these low rates won’t last forever.  With tax rates currently at record lows and the specter of higher rates looming large on the horizon, conditions for Roth IRA conversions are more favorable now than ever before.  Just in the last year the number of IRA owners who could benefit from executing a series of well-timed Roth conversions has increased dramatically.   


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