Welcome to Westinghouse SURE:
celebrating 30 years of volunteerism
with more than one million volunteer hours recorded.

Welcome to SURE Connections - a website dedicated to helping our members connect! 

What is Westinghouse "SURE"? We are 
a non-profit organization made up of Westinghouse Retirees uniting to provide member and community services.

In fact, the acronym "SURE" stands for
Service Uniting Retired Employees.

Our Mission Statement:

"To identify, mobilize and focus on the expertise and interests of retirees and spouses from Westinghouse and successor companies for their personal fulfillment in volunteer service, and for the benefit of the community.   Further, to provide services to SURE members to enhance their knowledge, safety, health and quality of life, and to recognize Westinghouse retirees already active in volunteering and encourage their participation in Westinghouse SURE.  Volunteer activities performed exclusively for the benefit of religious or political organizations are excluded from Westinghouse SURE."

We hope you find the information included here to be of interest. And if you are a Westinghouse retiree, but not yet 'connected' as a member of SURE - please consider joining us! 

Lucio Facchini, SURE President 




joy the slide show (below) of photos from our
most recent trip to New York City!

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Westinghouse SURE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Westinghouse SURE, 641 Braddock Avenue, East Pittsburgh, PA 15112

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