Westinghouse SURE

Westinghouse Alumni united through Member & Community Services

Who We Are…

Once united as dedicated Westinghouse employees, Westinghouse SURE is comprised of retirees and alumni of Westinghouse who keep that connection alive today through the good work of its all-volunteer membership.  Now more than 800 members strong, we annually deliver more than 50,000 hours of volunteer service. Formed in 1989 as a non-profit, self-supporting organization, our members include former employees of Westinghouse companies and successor companies and/or their spouses, regardless of where they live.

What We Do…

From the very start, SURE’s hallmark has been a commitment to volunteerism. Our members are dedicated to giving back to the local community through their volunteer work, and several have received the prestigious Jefferson Award for their efforts. We also recognize outstanding volunteers with SURE’s Spotlight Awards. While our volunteer spirit remains strong, SURE has renewed our focus on Member Services & Activities which includes a myriad of educational, social, and travel activities for our members to enjoy.

Why Westinghouse SURE?

  •       Giving Back – the chance to serve your local community by offering a helping hand to those in need.
  •       Staying Connected – meet old friends and make some new ones at a wide variety of member activities.
  •       SURE Newsletter – our bi-monthly publication keeps you up to date on events, offers useful info for retirees, scams, obits and member activities.
  •       Travel and Tour – enjoy the company of fellow SURE members while you explore new places and savor new experiences.
  •       Spotlight Awards – on a bi-monthly basis we highlight the outstanding volunteer work of a special SURE member. 
  •       Roundtables – our monthly workshops focus on a variety of topics: investments, IRAs, estate planning, health care, long term care, scams, senior choices, etc.
  •       SURE Website – you’ll have access to member-only info including: member directory, newsletters, trip info, group dental & vision insurance, and more.
  •       Member Services & Activities – enjoy monthly luncheons, movie outings, day trips, golf, bowling, baseball, & more!

    If you’re thinking about joining us, please do!   First year membership is COMPLIMENTARY – and if we’re a good fit, our members pay only $20.00 per year (including spouses).  Annual dues are used to support Member Activities, Newsletter Printing & Distribution, Volunteer Recognition, & Operational Costs. Westinghouse SURE has never had paid employees.

    Westinghouse SURE Vision & Mission

    Our vision: To honor the legacy of George Westinghouse by cultivating community service and building shared friendships and experiences among fellow W Retirees. Our mission is Service Uniting Retired Employees – fostering a sense of “community” … through shared volunteering opportunities, shared social activities, and shared services to our members. To serve our local communities as a charitable organization through volunteering by members; to serve our members by offering them services and activities.  

    Join Us!

    When you join Westinghouse SURE, you become part of the largest and most successful Volunteer Retiree Group in the region – with more than 1.5 million volunteer hours logged since SURE’s humble beginnings.  Fill out the attached form and mail it in today to begin your Complimentary First Year Membership to Westinghouse SURE.  If you have questions or need more information, contact Kerry Hanahan, Director - Membership, at kerrybhanahan@gmail.com.

    Join Westinghouse SURE if you are interested in:

    §  Adding your talent and skills to the wide variety of the SURE volunteer activities (or if you want to add one of your own),

    §  Participating in SURE member activities,

    §  News about other former W employees,

    §  Joining other fellow W alum who value their SURE membership.

    Send the attached form today, so you’ll stay informed and stay connected! Remember – first year of membership is complimentary!

    Mail in this form today to begin your Complimentary First Year Membership to Westinghouse SURE.  If you have questions or need more information, contact Kerry Hanahan, Director - Membership, at kerrybhanahan@gmail.com.

    •    YES, I want to become a Westinghouse SURE Member (First year complimentary):

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    Street Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    City_________________________________________________________________ State________________________________________________________ Zip____________________

    Phone_____________________________________________________ E-mail__________________________________________________________________Birth Year____________

    I volunteer at these organizations:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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    Please return this completed form to: Westinghouse SURE, 641 Braddock Ave., East Pittsburgh, PA 15112. 

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