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Westinghouse SURE is a non-profit organization of Westinghouse Retirees United to Provide Member and Community Services.

SURE members are celebrating twenty-five years of volunteer services to 40 community and member service projects.

More than one million volunteer hours have been recorded.

Mission Statement

To identify, mobilize and focus on the expertise and interests of retirees and spouses from Westinghouse and successor companies for their personal fulfillment in volunteer service, and for the benefit of the community.   Further, to provide services to SURE members to enhance their knowledge, safety, health and quality of life, and to recognize Westinghouse retirees already active in volunteering and encourage their participation in Westinghouse SURE.  Volunteer activities performed exclusively for the benefit of religious or political organizations are excluded from Westinghouse SURE.

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Westinghouse SURE
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As part of our enhanced focus on Member Services, Westinghouse SURE is pleased to announce Dental and Vision benefits are now available for our members and their families. Beginning on May 1, 2017, you may purchase this supplemental coverage through JRG Advisors. To learn more about Dental and Vision benefits for SURE members <<CLICK HERE>>

CBS & YOU Benefits  Center

Saving Plan Contacts
CBS 401K Westinghouse Savings Plan
Westinghouse Electric Company (Cranberry/Toshiba) Plan

Bechtel NR Program Savings Plan (Bettis and BPMI, formerly PAD)

Life insurance for Bettis and BPMI (formerly PAD) is continued through Bechtel, regardless of when retired. Effective January 1, 2012, life insurance is administered through “The Standard”. Notification of change of beneficiaries or deaths of  Bettis and BPMI retirees should be made to the Benefits Service Center(BSC) at 1-855-695-5500.  Beneficiary changes can also be made on line at  It's important to be sure your beneficiaries are updated with the new Benefit Service Center since beneficiary information did not transfer to the new organization.  If you were actively employed at Bettis on 2/1/1999 or BPMI on 7/1/1999 and had 25 years of service at that time, you would be eligible for additional life insurance through CBS. You should contact CBS & YOU Benefits Center regarding this grandfathered life insurance.



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